Miso-nikomi Udon Noodles
A popular dish enjoyed in restaurants, at home, and as souvenirs.
Miso Nikomi
Unique thick Udon noodles served piping hot in a rich miso based soup, and eaten directly from an earthenware pot. The noodles are boiled in fresh, not salt water, providing a firmer texture. The quality soybean miso also retains its full flavor despite being boiled.

The kneaded flour noodles and ingredients are all boiled together in an earthenware pot in the simple style of Edo period (1603-1868) home cooking. The boiling of a single serving of thick, firm noodles in a pot is said to have begun at Nagoya’s “Yamamotoya” in Osu, during the Taisho period (1912-1926).
Apart from simple stand and eat establishments, it can be eaten at almost every udon restaurant in Aichi Prefecture. Packaged noodles for home use have a history spanning half a century, and they are also popular as souvenirs and gifts.
Miso Nikomi
When to add the egg, and whether to pour the remaining soup over the rice before eating is a matter of individual preference.