Miso-Katsu is a breaded fried pork cutlet, served with miso instead of a sauce, which became a local specialty following WW2.

Miso-Katsu is a breaded fried pork cutlet covered in a miso based sauce. Kushi-Katsu, a skewered serve of breaded fried pork and vegetables, is also included in the Miso-Katsu lineup, and both are typical Nagoya Meshi specialty dishes. Local restaurants combine their own blend of seasonings and condiments in the quest for originality. Some restaurants serve the Katsu with miso sauce added, or dipped in a bowl of miso, while Western styled establishments may serve the miso sauce in a separate dish.

It is said that it originated from post-war street food stands where customers dunked kushi-katsu (skewered breaded and fried pork and vegetables) directly into the dotenabe (miso hot pot) thick miso. It was not long before small restaurants which mainly served kushi-katsu adopted this style and it spread to the general public.
Miso-Katsu is considered an essential dish at restaurant bars across Nagoya and Aichi, and can be found served with miso or sauce at most Western styled and smaller restaurants serving Ton-Katsu. Store-bought seasoned miso allows the locals to enjoy Miso-Katsu regularly at home too.
The miso sauce may be thick, or thin depending on the restaurant. This salty-sweet dish is a regular lunch choice for the people of Aichi.