Tebasaki Chicken Wings
Nagoya styled fried chicken wings created by mistake, are essential listings on local restaurant bar menus!
Tebasaki, correctly known as Tebasaki-karaage, are chicken wings, originally discarded as livestock feed. The wings are deep fried without batter, but coated in a tasty salty-sweet sauce, and sprinkled with aromatic spices and sesame seeds. Some bars and Chinese restaurants simmer the wings instead of frying them.

Tebasaki is said to have originated from an ordering problem in the 60’s at the restaurant bar “Furaibo”. When the usual chicken meat was not available, chicken wings were ordered instead. The fried chicken wings and sauce matched, and the compact size made it perfect as an accompaniment to drinks.
It is rare not to find Tebasaki on the menu of local eateries. Large specialty chain restaurants serving this locally famous dish are actively spreading across the nation.
Apart from being an essential on restaurant bar menus, it is also highly popular as take-out, and is a regular in department store basements and delis.