Teppan Spaghetti
The retro taste of Showa period coffee shop spaghetti.
Spaghetti flavored with a ketchup-based sauce is prepared in a teppan-zara, iron hotplate, and beaten egg poured around it. Enjoyed mostly in coffee shops, rather than spaghetti restaurants. Regular ingredients include small sausages, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and peas. Referred to as “Itarian” (Italian), “Teppan Napolitan” (Hotplate Napolitan) and “Ita-supa” (Italian Spaghetti).

Created in the 60’s when the owners of a Nagoya coffee shop went on a trip to Italy, and were impressed by genuine pasta, but dissatisfied by it soon going cold. To prevent this they used teppan-zara, iron hotplates.
The menu was popular mainly through Nagoya’s coffee shops, but went into decline along with the coffee shops of the 90’s. A recent Napolitan boom has seen its revival, with western styled spaghetti restaurants now serving it too.
Famed for its red, yellow and green color combination, it is usually enjoyed with runny egg and eaten Carbonara style.