A true specialty dish, made popular through a joke.
Ebi Furai, fried shrimp are a Japanese created western-styled cuisine. Aichi’s prefectural fish is the prawn, and shrimp consumption is high. Fried prawns are often used as topping for noodles, rice dishes and curries etc. Although neither originating in, nor limited to Nagoya, Ebi Furai have firmly become a local specialty. Some restaurants also serve it with a miso sauce.

Records of fried shrimp consumption date back to the mid-Meiji period (1868-1912). One theory is that it was created at a western restaurant in Tokyo, and another states that it came about through fried cutlets and tempura.
In the 80’s a popular television entertainer, made continuous jokes about Nagoya’s fried shrimp delicacy, firmly establishing the image, and helping specialty restaurants to flourish.
Many shops add a Nagoya flavor by pouring Miso Katsu sauce on top, or arranging two Ebi Furai with their tails in the air like the golden Shachi rooftop ornaments on Nagoya Castle.